06.07 Teaching Award for the Chair of Cartography

We won the third prize of the "Geodätum" for our course Geoinformation.[mehr]


06.06. Introducing our new group member: Chenyu

The chair of Cartography is happy to introduce and welcome our new colleague Chenyu Zuo.[mehr]


17.05 globalDrive GeoFusion team on stage

Our GeoFusion Team presented their remarkable prototype within the globalDrive presentation show.[mehr]


03.05. TUM Campuslauf

Our team participated on the 6. TUM Campuslauf in Garching.[mehr]


07.-09.03. PFGK Annual Meeting 2018

PFGK18: Photogrammetry - Remote Sensing - Geoinformatic - Cartography - 2018 is a common conference from DGfK, RT GIS and DGPF. [mehr]


08.12. Cartography Master Christmas Party

The 7th intake organized and celebrate the Cartography Master Christmas Party 2017. The internation students brought countries-specific delicacies and shows their traditional costume to the party.[mehr]


06-08.12.17 First Joint Research Seminar with BNU

On 06-08 Dec 2017, the Chair of Cartography, Technical University of Munich, and the Geospatial Cognitive and Visual Analytics Research Center (GCVARC), Beijing Normal University, China held a three-day joint research seminar at...[mehr]