02-07.07 The Chair of Cartography at the ICC in Washington

A strong team of the chair attended this year´s International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC. With 4 oral presentation and 2 poster presentations our team played a very active part at the ICC 2017.[mehr]


28.06. TUM Campuslauf

Our team participated on the 5. TUM Campuslauf in Garching.[mehr]


28.06. Visit from geography students from the University Vienna

During his nine-days voyage through Europe Prof. Kainz with his 29 geography students the chair of Cartography. The students got an overview about the chair, their study programs and all research topics. In the end a short...[mehr]


23.-24.06. VDV Excursion to the Gepatsch glacier

From Friday to Saturday the chair of Cartography be part of the excursion of the Verband Deutscher Vermessungswesen (VDV). Mr. Dr. Kumke hold a specialist lecture about high mountain cartography and visited with the participants...[mehr]


07.-09.03. PFGK Jahrestagung 2018 an der TUM (copy 1)

PFGK18: Photogrammetrie - Fernerkundung - Geoinformatik - Kartographie - 2018 ist eine gemeinsame Veranstaltung von DGfK, RT GIS und DGPF [mehr]


07.06.2017 Project SNmultimodal published at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

The Chair´s research work on Semantic Enrichment and User-orientated Multimodal Navigation is supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The goal is to offer individually tailored routes based on different...[mehr]


04.04.2017 1st joint research seminar – Cartography TUM & Geoinformatics UniAug

On Apr 4th 2017, the chair of Cartography, Technical University of Munich and the group of Geoinformatics, University of Augsburg held the 1st joint research seminar in TU Munich.[mehr]