26.06.2017 VDV high mountain cartography excursion

For Verband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure e. V. (VDV) members the Chair of Cartography offers a one day high mountain cartography excursion in Kauntertal (Austria). Link to VDV excursion[mehr]


16.11.2016 OSMGeoWeek LfK

On 16th of November, the chair of Cartography and Cartography M.Sc. alumni Sigita Grinfelde supported OSMGEOWEEK by organizing a mapping event. More than 20 students from the international Master programme of Cartography and the...[mehr]


18.09.2016-30.09.2016 Ferienacademie in Sarntal Italy

Human Vision and Computer Vision in Daily Life (Course 11) [mehr]


11.-13.10.2016 TUM-G&G auf der INTERGEO 2016

TUM-G&G auf der INTERGEO 2016,  Hamburg 11.-13. Oktober, Halle A1, Stand C1.043 [mehr]


19.07.2016 Excellent Paper Award at the ISPRS 2016

Ekaterina Chuprikova wins a Paper Award Prize at the ISPRS in Prague[mehr]


11.-13.10.2016 INTERGEO 2016

More than 550 exhibitors from 30 countries, attended by the market leaders of every branch of the industry, INTERGEO is a key part of annual communication for 75 % of exhibitors.[mehr]


26.04.2016 University Technology Malaysia (UTM) visit


The UTM visited the Chair of Cartography at the 26. April. The guest stay a whole week in Germany enjoy lectures at the TUM and take an excurcion to the DLR.[mehr]